Secure, Strength and beauty enchance your dream home.

We offer a complete service, and produce high quality products, custom made to your exact specifications.

On site measurement and fitting of steel security gates, doors and grilles.

Advanced Welding Specialize in Solid Steel Security Doors, Security Grills, Window Grills, Gates, Fences, Stainless Steel and Metal Fabrication for both domestic and commercial applications. The security doors grills ahve there own steel frame. We manufacture security window grilles in a large variety of designs and styles.

Advanced Welding specializes in the manufacture of all forms of wrought iron work.

The standard features of our security doors are
- The security dors grills have there own steel frame
- Anti-crowbar metal strip
- 5 Lever mortise dead lock
- Heavy duty security hinges welded to the frame and door
- Hot Dipped Galvanised or Stanless Steel Security Doors

* Extra options are available.

From  our engineers to our hand polishers, each craftsman at Architectural Grille knows the importance of perfection. Our meticulously made custom grilles reflect the precision and craftsmanship that has made Architectural Grille renowned for producing the finest grilles available.

Contemporary Home Improvement treands,so installing the safety grills becomes of utmost importance. In the light of the above-discussed things, here are few awesome security window grills for you.